Time tracking

May 24, 2012 | no comments.

Time tracking is probably among my least favorite things to do - it's up there with cleaning the cat box and picking up cat puke.

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Which schedule are you on?

May 24, 2012 | no comments.

Meetings. I hear many discussions about meetings - how can we have more efficient meetings, how can we spice up meetings, more meetings? less meetings? longer

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  • Manda’s designs are dynamic and professional. I highly recommend her for any design project.

    Angela Carter, ND

    Sacred Vessel Natural Medicine

  • Manda’s not only wildly creative, but also organized and understanding of timelines and processes.

    Heidi Griffith

    Idea Couture Inc.

  • Manda’s contributions have helped us reach our department goals and have given us credibility in the market.

    Rachel Schmitz

    Hood to Hills Food Cart