The Process for the Logo, Identity & Website Design Package

1  |  Inspiration Board
I create an inspiration board to make sure we’re on the same page. The board includes colors, patterns, textures, and photos that visually represent the tone and theme of your new brand. 2 revisions

2  |  Logo Concepts
Once the inspiration board is finalized, I create 3 different design concepts for the logo. After discussing the 3 options, we’ll narrow it down to one logo and make any tweaks and changes necessary. 2 revisions

3  |  Brand Style Board
From there we’ll add in alternate logos, signature patterns, type combinations, and illustrations to complete your brand board. 1 revision

4  |  Collateral Designs
This is where the items of your brand board begin to come together. I design 4 collateral items of your choice and provide you with the necessary files for printing. 1 revision

5  |  Website Design
Once the brand style board is complete and the collateral designs are finalized, I get to work on the design of your Wordpress website. I start by mapping out your site to ensure that the layout is simple and intuitive, and then I add in all of the elements of your new brand. Blog and e-commerce design are also included. 2 revisions

6  |  Launch Day
I believe that something as significant as a new brand and website deserves to be celebrated! I highlight your business on my blog and social media, showcase your new brand and website, and partner with you to generate excitement over the new launch.

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