Infographics – A Designer’s Love Story

The first time I saw an infographic I was not impressed. The graphic was just not well designed — it had a lot of text with some crappy graphics displayed in a way-too-long format that wasn’t intuitively organized. I had hoped the infographic was a trend that would pass as quickly as the useless QR code.

Needless to say, my problem was with the designs I saw, not the concept. That was about eight years ago, and now, I’m kinda deeply in love with infographics.

A good infographic easily transforms a boring message into a compelling educational visual that people actually want to read.

If I could, I would speak only in bullet lists, haikus and instagram updates. I like things short and sweet, quick and to the point. I’m not the only one. People are busy. We’re checking our Facebook feed while we’re heading to a work meeting, we’re internally debating over which Instagram filter to use on our food porn while we rush out the door to take the kids to school and we rely on our fitbits to move us while we check our email. Let’s face it, we absorb information better if it’s presented in a visual way in short spurts — so, give us a lot of pretty information in a super short amount of time.
Cooling infographic

Click image for full infographic. ©2015 Manda Borealis

How I went from hating infographics to loving the fuckers

I’ll admit the first couple infographics I designed were pure shit, thankfully I’m a fast learner. I’ve now designed more than a baker’s dozen of infographics for small businesses and large corporate accounts. No matter the size of the client, the benefits are pretty significant. Infographics pack a pretty little punch. Not only to they pack a lot of beautiful information in a tiny space, but there’s not a lot of crap you have to read. I am a true believer and wish most things in life came with an infographic. Imagine how easy life would be… I’m planning on asking infographics to be my Valentine this weekend. But seriously…
Infographics are a great way to engage your target market, and drive traffic to your website. Posting a well-designed infographic on your social media site can invite visits to your website as well as shares, which then builds your Google presence (yay SEO). Aside from the great SEO benefits, infographics also build awesome brand awareness. When an infographic includes your logo, is well-designed within your brand identity, has the right content and layout, it can provide some serious return of investment for your business.
Safety Infographic

Click image for full infographic. ©2015 Manda Borealis

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