With over fifteen years of experience in the professional creative world, I’ve had the pleasure to design for and with some pretty amazing people.


Manda is the Ethel to my Lucy. The Salt to my Pepa. Together as researcher/writer and designer, we created a dynamic duo that successfully pushed on the boundaries of innovative brand strategies for clients. It was Manda’s incredible strength in design and illustration that strategically expressed thought-provoking marketing materials and guided brands through early- and late-stage development. Manda is skillful at matching the needs of clients to the task at hand. Her partnership with leadership to define critical deliverables, and focus on meeting short- and long-term goals were incomparable. Without a doubt, my favorite time working with Manda is during brainstorm workshops with multidisciplinary teams. Because not only can Manda execute in smart ways, she can have fun while doing it.
–M. Adamson

Manda Borealis is an incredible artist, creative director and graphic designer. I have had the privilege of working with her at multiple companies on numerous projects. Her work is consistently eye-catching, professional and unique. She recently did a complete branding, identity design and style guide for my startup. First impressions are crucial and every time someone comments on the quality of our design I want to hug Manda. To anyone who thinks they can’t afford to hire Manda, I say you can’t afford not to hire Manda.  Worth every penny and then some.
–T. Barham

Manda is a pleasure to work with. We have done a number of print and digital jobs – many with tight deadlines. Her designs are always fresh and creative all the while staying within the brand standards. She also provides great time- and cost-efficient suggestions for print and delivery methods.
–H. Belmonte

Manda is curious, thoughtful and diligent in her design approach. Many of her designs have been leveraged and extended for numerous applications and clients frequently praise her work. She is clever, collaborative and calm amidst chaos.
–C. Boyett

Manda created a beautiful and engaging website and branding package for my medical practice. Her designs are dynamic and professional; she masters a wide variety of design styles. Working with her was a dream; she offered multiple fantastic options, always completed the projects in a timely manner, and interacts with a warm and professional attitude. I highly recommend Manda for any design project.
–A. Carter, ND

Manda is that amazing combination that every account manager dreams of in a designer. She’s not only wildly creative, but also organized and understanding of timelines and processes. I can always depend on Manda to offer brilliant concepts and ideas, yet she also recognizes all the moving parts involved in each deliverable and gives her honest opinion of the scope of a project. She sees beyond her role as a designer and is continually looking for ways in which to improve processes in efforts to increase efficiency and clear communication among the team.
Beyond the office jargon and day to day, Manda is an extremely understanding and caring individual and it’s a pleasure working with her.
–H. Griffith

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Manda for years at PECI. She’s amazing! Not only is she a great illustrator, but she’s just an all-around great designer. She’s fast, but thorough. She asks the right questions and comes up with creative solutions that speak to, and motivate the target audience to act. She’s experienced not only in branding and design, but also in the development of marketing strategy, budgeting, and sustainable marketing practices.
–S. Hulbert

Manda brought a wealth of creative ideas to the table. She was able to take anything I suggested and make it a hundred times better, while at the same time, making the design process streamlined and uncomplicated.
–E. Malus

Manda is an outstanding designer and brings with her a passion for creative communications. She has successfully managed to bring that into a corporate environment without compromising her style and talent. She vastly improved all our newsletters, infographics, and internal communications. She is a pleasure to work with, a positive member to any team. I also really appreciate her production skills and attention to details. She is a rock star in my book.
–J. Moffatt

The combination of innovative design and strategic thinking are two skills that stand out in Manda. Her ability to quickly develop concepts and campaigns has been vital to the success of my team. Her contributions have helped us reach our department goals and have given us credibility in the market. Manda is sharp, dedicated, creative and incredibly talented. I highly recommend her in any position of creative development.
–R. Schmitz

I had the pleasure of working with Manda on print projects of various types at Standard Insurance Company. Manda was always thorough, considerate, flexible and easy to work with creatively and professionally. I always appreciated her friendly demeanor, courtesy, and design knowledge. She made working together fun while producing quality print collateral. I would highly recommend Manda for any project.
–H. Shervey

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